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Welcome to ESNA – the new European Sustainable Nanotechnology solutions Association which transforms innovative ideas into pioneering products! 

The thematic focus of ESNA is the surface modification of plastic and paper surfaces and membranes with nanotechnologies for sustainable and/or smart innovative products. By interconnecting various players, the association creates a framework for efficient collaboration on technical and business level by providing easy, fast-track access to the facilities and services to SMEs, start-ups and industry. 

The Association is the fruit of the successful FlexFunction2Sustain project, funded under European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation under the Grant Agreement no 862156. Find out more about the project at https://flexfunction2sustain.eu/  

For a first glance at the technology offer, please take a look at the Handbook downloadable here. You can also contact ESNA at contact@esna-assoc.eu and follow us on LinkedIn (@ESNA) and Twitter (@ESNA_EU).